How to Choose The Right Nose Pin/ring?

How to Choose The Right Nose Pin/ring?

Wearing the right nose pin can do wonders for your face.

Nose rings are highly in vogue (though I got mine done at an early age due to the ‘pahadi’ culture). Today, every girl wants to get her nose pierced and look beautiful and cool. When I look back at my school times, I remember every class mate asking me, “why are you wearing this piece on your nose?” And I would get irritated when so many people used to ask me. But I could do nothing about it. Today, I myself like having a nose pin as an accessory. I love nose pins now and so do any other girl. There are nose pins of different shapes, sizes and colours out in the market and the sale is tremendous. The right shape and size can change your whole look. In fact, stars like Christina Aguilera and Indian tennis player Sania Mirza have raised the trend on wearing nose pin/ring. So, you should know how to choose one for your self. Find out how: 1.     The first step would include the size factor. The size of your nose and face is the most important when you are about to choose a nose pin for yourself. If you have a large nose and even a round face, you can opt for bigger sizes. A Red ruby in giant size would look awesome. You can try other cool colours as well. An eagle shaped silver nose pin or any other shape could also be experimented with. the look and make you look extra cute. 2.     Choosing  nose pin depends on how much attention you give to your nose. If you love your nose and want to draw attention to it, go for new, unique designs and sparkling studs. A silver and gold nose pin might go with every dress and might be comfortable but it is you who will decide whether style matters or comfort. Personally I feel, gold nose pins are passé. I wore them when I was in school until my neighbour forced me to try a blue coloured small nose pin. After that I had an amazing collection but now I am stuck to two of my favourites – a silver stud and a diamond one. 3.     Just like you think twice before wearing earrings and a belt, think for the nose pin too. It should match your personality and other accessories that you carry. You have to choose whether a nose pin or nose ring would flatter your look. To heck this out, stand in front of a mirror and try a clip on nose ring or an Indian bindi. 4.     Always have extra nose pins with you. The screws ca get lost or the nose pin too can get lost easily. So, be prepared with extra ones. If you have a diamond one, they will never get lost until you remove it because the screws are different which need to be rolled out when need to be taken off. Artificial nose pins have screws at the back which get easily damaged or get loose easily. So, buy an extra pair every time.          

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Kopykween, posted this comment on Sep 8th, 2010

quite an interesting piece. I have a round face and a sharpish nose, and want to get my nose pierced. am still unsure if it will suit me.

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Anuradha Ramkumar, posted this comment on Sep 9th, 2010

I got my nose pierced during my wedding, but lost interest in it after a few years. Now, I don’t wear one. Gr8 article.

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I learned a lot from your well written article.Thank you.

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